In sports, a lot can happen in one quarter. Records can be set. Outstanding performances can help to define careers. Coaches can make decisions that spark momentum and lead to victory. Teams can begin a championship run.

And growth. Growth can happen.

That is what this page is about. The content in this section is here to help you develop and grow. Each piece can be consumed in 12 minutes or less; the equivalent of one quarter in many sports.​

It offers a “micro-dose” approach to your professional advancement. Short, hard-hitting nuggets, placed here to share ideas, to educate, and to inform. Take small bites and stack wins; the cumulative effect will create a meaningful difference over time. And become part of the bigger whole that is your own personal development.​

One quarter is just one small segment in a game, a season, or a career. But it can be very significant. And memorable. 12 minutes or less can make a difference.​


Vodcasts, interviews, article reviews, vlogs, and other video content

What's With The Logo? (2:50)

Jesse Wright


The section of videos below contains clips from the 2021 Balance The Bar Virtual Summit. Experts from all corners of high performance were brought together for interviews to discuss the qualities of leadership, connection, professionalism, communication, and networking that have led them to big success in their chosen field​.

Communicating Up (5:40)

Ron McKeefery


Going Above and Beyond (5:15)

Shea Dawson


Car Analogy for High

Performance Soft Skills (3:59)

Dr. David T. Martin


Clarity in Communication (3:46)

Jeremy Boone


Servant Leadership (3:01)

Erwin Valencia


Success in the NBA and

the Private Sector (7:06)

Tim Difrancesco


Leadership and

Accountability (2:12)

Jana Webb


Characteristics For

Success (6:15)

Scott Caulfield


Get Energy to Give Energy (1:55)

Jay Cardiello


Challenges of Moving Up

from Asst. to Head (6:07)

Dr. Ramsey Nijem


Playing for NFL

Coaching Legends (5:15)

Marc Megna

@marcmegna | @anatomy

There's an Art to Good Networking (4:59)

Cristi Bartlett


Dietitian and Athlete Connection (4:14)

Dr. Jeanie Subach



Infographics and slides


Informative articles and blog posts


Most of the literature on effective communication will include some form of counsel on being a committed listener prior to speaking. It is likely the foundational component of many of the best articles. It is even more likely you have already read and listened to that type of advice many times before. See what I did there? This is not another email that instructs you on how to listen. It does, however, wholly support the concept…


Hard work and opportunity finally collided for you. You got hired for your very first full-time job and are brand new to the position. Insert high performance role here: Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapist, Dietitian, etc. Regardless of your specialty, they all bring the same assortment of emotions and opportunity. Excitement. Anticipation. Gratitude. Nerves. Concerns. Insecurities protected by a layer of confidence. All of these are sure to be present…


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