What if you had access to a resource that combined research, over two decades of industry experience, and the power of storytelling to help you inspire others, develop genuine connections, and stand out amongst your peers as a great teammate and an effective leader?  What if a simple parable could help you to understand that a truly impactful, lasting presence in your profession involves having more than intelligence, degrees, certifications, or licenses?


Nate is invited to sit in on a lecture by Dr. Luc Stemme, an internationally-respected communications expert and university professor. He is introduced to a game-changing analogy and model that speaks to the importance of strong communication skills, crafting the most effective message and pathway in which it gets delivered, and how adjusting your approach based on the audience is critical.


Rashard Lethus, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach, has learned and experienced firsthand what it takes to rise through the ranks in coaching at the Division I level. He introduces Nate to “Hustle & Pro,” his list of 12 practical strategies and actions that can help young professionals earn respect right away and stand out amongst their peers despite being new to their roles.


When Morgan Alma began her role as Associate Athletic Director for Academic Support, she knew that to do her job well, she was going to have to develop strong connections with both her staff and the student-athletes. She imparts all that she has learned to Nate, including details and research regarding empathy and compassion, real-world examples of how the university staff goes above and beyond, and her caring and imaginative interpretation of a person’s soul.


Retired Athletic Director Hank Eldridge has seen tremendous growth in the athletic department in his five decades of service at the university. An accomplished leader and devoted Grandfather, he uses a charming allegory to communicate to Nate all the important elements of transformational leadership and a servant-based approach in high performance environments.


Nate meets Brian Swain, Associate Athletic Director for Strategic Communications, at a local playground for one of the most exciting meetings he has ever had. Swain uses a children’s game, sports analogies, and a 1980’s movie reference to teach Nate all about the literature and research behind self-awareness, cultural awareness, and how the combination of the two can deliver big-time results throughout a career.


Jen Uralis, Director of Women’s Basketball Operations, shares her affinity for podcasts to introduce Nate to the benefits of a ”Generalist” mentality. They speak about how versatility makes for a great teammate, the advantages of ”width over depth” early in a career, and how having a flexible & re-deployable skillset can lead to big-time opportunities and success.